About Me

I live in Santa Clara.

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Caltech and my Master of Science degree from Stanford University.

I was a member of the Santa Clara General Plan Steering Committee (Acknowledgements [or click here if the previous link stops working]).

I served for many years on the board of the Santa Clara Sister Cities Association.

I am a current member, and past chair, of the Santa Clara Citizens’ Advisory Committee.

I teach programming and art in my spare time.

I am not supported by business interests.

I am not supported by special interests.

I would rather have your vote than a donation (but donate if you can!).

I understand the needs of the people new to this city.  I am a new Santa Claran who has lived in the city over twenty years and is looking for a place to raise a family and start new lines of multi-generational Santa Clarans. I know and support my neighbors and believe in the value communities bring.

As a Santa Clara resident, I am concerned about city priorities and the long-term welfare of Santa Clara. I recognize that the stadium is but one aspect of the city — albeit one of the largest — and would like to have discussions about the stadium within the context of other issues, not use the stadium to drown out or ignore other issues.

More than just the stadium, I want our infrastructure to speak for itself. I want Santa Clara to be a destination city, where “living in Santa Clara” becomes a lifestyle, not a temporary situation.  I want more places for people to go and more things for them to do, not just rooms for them in which to live.

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