Why Run?

Many people have asked why I am running again, some enthusiastically. While we have some new faces on the council — as well as the many old ones — the effect the council has on our city and us, the residents, is largely unchanged.

City Council should consider our individual conditions and issues so that even when we do not know what the specific issues are, we can still feel confident that they are being addressed sanely. City Council discussions should be exactly that: discussions. Not two minutes of pleading followed by expansive exposition. The focus should be not on what is allowed, but what is good, and extend hands and discussions when there is disagreement. But these talks are often one-sided.

Limiting the people’s voice is a huge disrespect to our citizens who, in many cases, spend as much time — and sometimes more — on the very issues that city council members consider. And it is the people who have to live with the decisions that city council members make. It is not right that residents are berated on their time after they try to compress their statements into two-minute sound bites, while the city council members who should be listening are busy chastising and rationalizing — for as long as they desire. They conveniently forget that they are paid to come to council meetings, while we, the residents, are not. City council members should be there by choice and responsibility. Otherwise, why did THEY run? Residents are often at meetings against their choice, but with the same sense of responsibility. And no pay.

I am not concerned about the pay. As I did last time I ran, I would be happy to donate the after-tax city council salary to charity, because money certainly is not the reason I run. I put in the time today, even without the pay. It would be an honor just to be able to address the issues directly.

I run because we need good choices for city council.

I run because Santa Clara residents deserve to be heard.

I run because it is far too late to hide.

And with so many people in the race, isn’t it exciting?